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PUMP Aesthetique is primarily a Cosmetic Injectables boutique clinic offering friendly and professional care while using a variety of the best products and services to create an enhanced aesthetic for each client.

Results are based on experience, education and beauty as an art and science. Focus treatments will help to rejuvenate skin, prevent or treat aging signs such as wrinkles, facial volume loss, and also tighten or lift sagging skin. 

PUMP will expand as the business grows and offer Redlynch and surrounding Cairns suburbs a service that will also encompass a holistic, total body well-being and health to aesthetics. 

Supported by the Fresh Clinics community, this allows PUMP Aesthetique to keep the prices inline with standards, while offering a premium service to leave each client feeling special, appreciated and gaining an improved confidence. 


What is PUMP Aesthetique?

Tracey Defferrard Profile Photo | Pump Aestheique Founder Owner Head Nurse

Tracey Defferrard 

Founder | Owner | Head Nurse Injector

I am an advanced Cosmetic Injector and have been a Registered Nurse for 16 years. During that time I have worked in aesthetics as an Injectables Nurse as well as consulting for a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and as a Peri-Operative Theatre Nurse. 

I love the art and science of aesthetics and how I can help clients build their confidence and sense of self by enhancing their outer appearance. 

Most will know me as Nurse Tracey, previously at SILK Laser and Cairns Plastic Surgery. I loved my time in both roles but after 16 years working for someone else as a Registered Nurse, it was time I started my own business and followed my dream. And so PUMP Aesthetique was created!

My aim at PUMP Aesthetique is to bring my years of experience as well as the best quality products and services closer to you.


It is my vision to continue to expand on current trends in facial aesthetics, while keeping up to date with industry safe practices and education. 

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